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Dear Friends

Lent is with us with Ash Wednesday only days away. I do hope you all will try to get to one of the services on this Special Day in the Churches year. It marks the beginning of a period of fasting and reflection something which we modern day Christians are not so good at engaging with. I was recently at Frampton Primary school for a day where we focused on understanding Islam and I was hugely impressed by two young Muslims, ex students of the Primary school, who came in to share what there faith meant to them. Despite all the attractions of modern living there commitment to Ramadan (the Muslim time of fasting and reflection) was exemplary, we could all learn so much from their commitment to faith.

So let us all try to make this lent a time of reflection and preparation for the great celebration of Easter. My challenge to you is to place prayer and study at the heart of this season, come to one of the Lent Groups, attend over the six week period an additional act of worship: Prayer Time on Mon Thurs or Fri mornings at the Rectory at 8am, Wed Evenings at 5pm in St Peters, or perhaps go to one of the midweek communion Services, Tues 9.15 All Saints, Wed 10.30 Marshall Rooms Iron Acton, Thurs 10.30 St Michael's Rooms, Fri 9.15 here in St Peter's.

Let us all make this lent a time when we underpin the work of our Church in prayer and build ourselves up in a greater understanding and passion for our own faith. This is our opportunity to strengthen ourselves in preparation for the work that lies before us in building up the Kingdom of God here in Winterbourne.

Have a good Lent!
God Bless
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